Adventures of Me and Eilonwy

Once upon a time there was a girl and a machine; These are their adventures.


I'm not really into this blogging thing anymore, I don't know, I just don't feel the passion I felt when I started this blog. ever since summer priorities have changed, school and college prep is becoming more important, and the little free time I have is spent with friends. I figure why wast my time and all my readers time with something that's not chocked full of passion.
We'll see if I ever come back...But for now:



Summer Left and No One Said a Word

I guess you have to give credit to fall for arriving right on time, because suddenly cool weather arrived perfectly with the first official day of fall. Because the weather today was a cardigan and wool tights day, I'm glad I wore my favorite spring-y floral vest yesterday when the weather was sunny and 70.
Me and Eilowny made this during the summer, it's basically a rectangle attached to a racer back strap and gathered at the seam. The front of the straps are braided, but I'm not super sure that I like how narrow they are, but I haven't gotten around to changing them, and I don't think I ever will.

***I got a comment on my BurdaStyle about how it would be nice to see my clothes on an actual body, not just a hanger, and I completely agree. Just let me work on my self portrait taking skills...



Look at this post's title as a metaphor for my return to blogging if you want, but mostly it's about my homecoming dress.
I'm not the biggest fan of school dances, but any excuse to dress up I take advantage of, even if it is in a gym full of sweaty teenagers with a bad DJ.
Anyway, all that really matters about homecoming is the dress, and here mine is.

Me and Eilonwy spent too many hours on this dress, but I love it.
It's not the body con dress of my dreams, but practicality took over and convinced me that
1. I have no idea how to make a body con dress, and the hours spent on that would be astronomical and
2. a tight dress+dancing for three hours+hot hot hot=super sweaty.
So I finally decided to go with the polar opposite and do a trapeze style dress.
This is how it turned out, but in real life it's a lighter peach.


I felt like a brand new start so the blog is under construction.
I'm not sure if and when I'll start it up again, I've been really busy and not quite thinking about blogging as of late. We'll see.
ps. I moved all the old posts to this blog.