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Look at this post's title as a metaphor for my return to blogging if you want, but mostly it's about my homecoming dress.
I'm not the biggest fan of school dances, but any excuse to dress up I take advantage of, even if it is in a gym full of sweaty teenagers with a bad DJ.
Anyway, all that really matters about homecoming is the dress, and here mine is.

Me and Eilonwy spent too many hours on this dress, but I love it.
It's not the body con dress of my dreams, but practicality took over and convinced me that
1. I have no idea how to make a body con dress, and the hours spent on that would be astronomical and
2. a tight dress+dancing for three hours+hot hot hot=super sweaty.
So I finally decided to go with the polar opposite and do a trapeze style dress.
This is how it turned out, but in real life it's a lighter peach.


  1. That looks so delicately gorgeous!

  2. Love the dress - great job! I bet it will look great, perfect for a dance.