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Summer Left and No One Said a Word

I guess you have to give credit to fall for arriving right on time, because suddenly cool weather arrived perfectly with the first official day of fall. Because the weather today was a cardigan and wool tights day, I'm glad I wore my favorite spring-y floral vest yesterday when the weather was sunny and 70.
Me and Eilowny made this during the summer, it's basically a rectangle attached to a racer back strap and gathered at the seam. The front of the straps are braided, but I'm not super sure that I like how narrow they are, but I haven't gotten around to changing them, and I don't think I ever will.

***I got a comment on my BurdaStyle about how it would be nice to see my clothes on an actual body, not just a hanger, and I completely agree. Just let me work on my self portrait taking skills...


  1. This is such a lovely vest. I'm jealous that you can sew so well; I lack the ability!
    And it got cold here right on time too! blahh I love fall, but I'll miss the heated summer days.

  2. love that top! super sweet. xo